Michelle Buller, Lacrosse Mom who brought a group of boys from the Landon School to participate in the Jamaica LVC;

Your vision and dedication to the mission of Fields of Growth is inspiring. I feel privileged to have shared the goodness of Jamaica and her people with our group of incredible volunteers and your staff. The experience has been deeply etched in my memory, and I am eternally grateful for the week of cultural immersion, personal discovery and the opportunity to share our passion for the sport of lacrosse. I met amazing people, heard incredible stories, saw unbelievable (and sometime disheartening) images, and learned so much along the way. I look forward to hearing of more great things to come from Fields of Growth.

Jake Brems, Former Notre Dame men’s lacrosse player, Georgetown Medical School, on his LVC experience in Uganda;

Before traveling to Uganda, several people told me that I would receive more than I could ever hope to give.   Only after I returned did I realize the people there taught me more than I could have ever hoped to learn in a classroom.  I have learned to appreciate all of my blessings and that true happiness cannot be bought.  Despite having little to offer by western material standards, everyone I met graciously welcomed me into their homes and lives.  I was humbled by their generosity.  … back home all we hear about is the poverty in Africa, but the people are more spiritually rich than most of us…   And I learned that is what really matters.

Kerry Hamill, Former Yale women’s lacrosse player on her Uganda LVC internship;  

I spent 8 weeks living in a rural village in Masaka, Uganda (home of the HOPEFUL school). Without sounding too cliché, it was easily the most memorable summer I have ever had. So many people have asked how my experience was and I am literally at a loss for words- how to do I put into words such an experience, one that will easily shape the rest of my life? I was almost moved to tears several times witnessing the amazing selflessness, generosity, and hospitality the people of Uganda showed me.  My summer in Uganda taught me amazing things- it brought me to the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I think I experienced every emotion a person can have, sometimes all in one day, but I am so happy I did what I did.

Alix Baldini, Former women’s lacrosse player at Florida Atlantic University on her first of several Jamaica LVC experiences; 

I cannot put into words how this experience has changed me but I know one thing,  I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It has opened my eyes most definitely to other individuals, possibilities, and how the world can be so very different from so many miles away, yet still feel like there’s a little piece of home in everywhere we go. Between coaching at camp, visiting various communities and individuals and serving them in any way we can… These experiences have taught me to have more respect toward others and to keep an open mind.